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The most Advanced & Flexible
Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

Using the provided shortcode, you can quickly and easily add a customized Google map, map widget, or Store Locator to your WordPress posts and/or pages. There is no fuss. There are no iFrames and it is extremely simple to use! Perfect for contact page maps, routes, delivery area maps, and any other application you can think of!

Exclusive Plugin Features

All the Features you Really Need in an Google Maps Services

Display Locations Easily

Display Locations Easily

Users can easily set their locations by entering their address or latitude and longitude.

Display Listing & Filters

Direction Waypoints

Add as many waypoints as you need to your directions. Map markers can also be added for each waypoint.

Multiple Listing Designs

Store Locations

Add "Store Locator" functionality to your maps, using latitude and longitude and set map markers.

Multiple Infowindow Designs

Custom Markers

You can include several map markers in your map. To your markers, you can add descriptions, links, pictures, icons.

Create Marker Categories

Start in Streetview

Have you ever wanted to begin your map display in StreetView mode? We have it!

Routes & Directions

Routes & Directions

Allow visitors to use their map location as the beginning or end point for directions.

Three easy steps to getting started

dot line
dot line
Create a Map

Create a Map

Make a map and customize it to adjust your brand.

Add your Markers

Add your Markers

Add comprehensive markers with images, text, and other elements.

Add to Page

Add to Page

To add your map to any page or section of your site, use the shortcode or Gutenberg block.

Map customization? Simple as that!

gooMaps is the most user-friendly map plugin, offering maps ranging from simple to advanced and customizable. GooMaps can create any map you can think of. You can also integrate many such maps into your websites.

Custom Maps? Easy peasy
Markers with Functionality

Markers with Functionality

gooMaps allows you to create advanced maps for your business locations using super functions, so people can quickly find them.

Display Directions & set Waypoints

Allow visitors to use their map location as the starting or finishing point for directions. Add as many waypoints to your directions as you need. Each waypoint can have its own map marker.

Display Directions
Display Multiple Routes On Google Maps

Display Multiple Routes On Google Maps

Site administrators can easily create routes between locations and view them on a map. The UI of the drawn route is easily customizable from the backend.

The administrator only needs to specify the start location, way points, and end location, and the route will be drawn on the map automatically.

Display Multiple Maps

Site administrators can display different & multiple maps easily on one page. All the maps created with our plugin are 100% responsive.

Display Multiple Maps
Display Multiple Routes On Google Maps

Display Nearest Places & View Details

Users can easily locate locations (such as the nearest restaurant, bank, ATM, hotel, school, and so on) and click to view details (like as phone number, websites link, ratings, reviews etc.). View photos of Places as well.

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Compatible with WPML

Our gooMaps plugin supports multiple countries and definitely works with WPML. Like a consequence, people from all around the world can feel more at ease using guided marketing scheme.

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